It’s Good To Talk

Well here we are in 2018…  May it be a healthy, happy, inspiring and exciting year for all you Dockies out there!

Just looking around the cafe as I type, one of the things I’m loving is the ever-increasing volume of chat in this place – I love looking from one table to the next and seeing all the animated, cheerful faces talking away nineteen-to-the-dozen.

Seems like there’s lots of concern at the minute that we’re getting more and more disconnected; how smartphones and social media and the scary state of the world cause anxiety, loneliness, helplessness and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).  For all its wonders, technology can be a dehumanising thing, leaving us staring fretfully at a screen.

There’s something amazing about talking.  It’s not an accident that we’ve got all these eye-catching ways to describe a proper chat: having a heart-to-heart, putting the world to rights, getting something off your chest, talking the hind leg off a donkey (actually not sure where that one came from or what on Earth it means.)  As the old BT adverts had it: It’s Good To Talk.

So that’s one of the things we celebrate above all others at Dock Cafe, beyond the great coffee and the comfy sofas and great views – it’s a place to talk.  Conversations seem to bubble up and spill over in the friendly atmosphere of this space.

At our first Sunday Night service of the New Year last Sunday night, we committed to three 2018 New Years Resolutions:

Get Out More
(don’t sit stuck to the sofa in the flickering light of a screen – get out and experience this beautiful world and its amazing people)

Look Up More
(take time to notice the infinite variety of the world, be open to awe and wonder and worship)

Take Care More
(look after each other and the planet – both are more wondrous and more fragile than we dare to realise)

Happy New Year!


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  1. Very sage advice, will be down to chew the fat, blether and give out in general soon, out, up and on!

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