Your event

Thanks for your interest in using The DOCK Café for your upcoming meeting or event. You couldn’t pick a better place, even if we do say so ourselves. As our popularity has increased we’ve put together a few guidelines for groups who would like to use the space.

Due to legal requirements, the high demand, our ethos and practicalities we have to say ‘no’ to the following:

  • Bookings with less than 5 days notice
  • Live music or acoustic nights
  • Barbecues
  • Alcohol
  • Groups over 60 (people not age!)
  • Persons under the age of 21 acting as key holder (after opening hours)

We also ask that:

  • Furniture will not be moved – The Dock is made up exclusively of donated furniture so please be gentle with it all. And if something breaks, let us know – we’ll not shout!
  • You’ll consider making an Honesty Box donation, and pop it in the envelope provided on the day (we can provide an Honesty Box Invoice if you require a paper trail)
  • Please help our volunteers by leaving the cafe as you found it (or even cleaner – this makes us very happy)
  • If booking outside of opening hours (Monday – Saturday 11am-5pm) you need to submit a brief outline of how the event will help us with our ethos of building life in the Titanic Quarter and building community within the dock café. And since cafe operation is trickier than it looks…
  • You’ll need to delegate a responsible person who will come in at a pre-arranged time to get the low-down on the position of the light switches, the location of the loo roll, the operating instructions for Doris the Dishwasher and a thousand-and-one other secrets of The Dock. It’s not rocket science – but you’ll need to get your head around it all before your event.

If you are happy with all of the above, let’s proceed!

I would like to hold an event or meeting in The DOCK Cafe

I am happy with the above terms