What Is The Dock?

New blackboardEver since the Dock Makeover in February, we’ve had a new blackboard wall just above the Honesty Box where Dock customers can scribble their own answer to the question ‘What Is The Dock?’

(For a while we were trying to figure out how to answer that question on a printed sign.  Then we realised – it’s much better as a conversation, rather than a statement.  So, blackboard and chalk provided!)

So (with the exception of a few ‘Chris&Susan4ever’ type comments, which were removed as not really being a valid answer to the question!) here’s the results of leaving the conversation open for the last month:

What Is The Dock?

So, what is The Dock?  A refuge with great coffee… The heart of TQ… A place of warmth where courage thrives… Earthly home… A good-humoured oasis… A comfy haven… A sanctuary… A superhero hangout… A happy place… A home

And much as many of those comments bring a lump to my throat and joy to my heart, I think my favourite is still the comment scrawled way out of reach at the very top of the wall… ‘A place for tall people’.

Time to start againTime to start againSo it’s time to start the conversation all over again!

During a busy, sunny afternoon in Dock Cafe today, Harry got to work with the duster – so the blackboard is blank once more.

Over to you – call in soon and add your thoughts!

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