Hello? Is it Market you are looking for?

We’re ready!  After a week of moving, carrying, worrying and weeping (oh – maybe that was just me), the Dock Market team have moved out of the ARC apartments and are ready for our first ever DOCK MARKET AT THE ODYSSEY tomorrow (Sat 22nd, 11am-5pm)

I love the signs they’ve left behind on the windows of our old location:

History in the making…  Carrying the last few boxes of stuff out and turning the key was a sad moment – but Dock life thrives on change and adventure – always open to new possibilities…

And how can you be downcast when surrounded by such a community of such rich creativity and joy?  Over the last few days the renovation of Dock Cafe has continued with some fabulous new art on the walls (not just in a frame on the walls this time – actually ON the walls – our very own Dock mural!)

And thanks to the amazing Dave The Painter, the new ‘shipyard cranes’ in the cafe now have a few wee words to say to you when you come in!

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  1. Very well done on your enterprise. All good wishes for your future success. We will be visiting.

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