In a big busy community like the Dock, things are always in a constant state of flux: new meetings, fresh friendships, hellos, goodbyes, so-happy-you-could-cry moments, so-sad-you-could-cry moments, and a constant stream of new faces.

IMG_6062So it’s a big moment when one of our longest-lasting familiar faces moves on to pastures new.  So, all together: JORRRDDAAAAANNNNN!!!!

Jordan has been part of Dock Cafe life ever since the doors first opened – or very nearly!  He reckons his first  visit was on our second-ever day of business along with his mates from college.

And actually working!Jordan and his gang used to take up residence in the “dark corner of iniquity” on the old black leather sofas hidden behind the pillar in the gloomiest corner of the cafe (anyone else remember when Dock Cafe looked like this?!)

2014-05-09 09.03.19Partly as payment for all the coffees and cakes they wolfed down in the dark corner of iniquity, Jordan became a Dock volunteer (one of the very first students to sign up!) after he finished college.  Then he became a Dock intern through the Youth Employment Scheme, and by the time of the Giro Big Start back in 2014 Jordan was practically able to run the cafe by himself (with great support and mentorship from James – for those of you old enough to remember the Karate Kid, they called each other ‘Kohai’ and ‘Sensai’.)

2014-05-09 08.47.56Never one to miss a rising star, Andy in the Mace spotted Jordan’s potential too and soon he was juggling Dock volunteer/intern times with shifts in the shop next door.   So anyone who has lived in, worked in or visited the Titanic Quarter in the last couple of years has almost definitely been served a Dock cuppa, a Mace newspaper or a Green Deli sandwich by Jordan at some stage!  His constant smile and gravity-defying hair have been part of daily life in the Titanic Quarter and he has been foundational in the friendships, the faith stories and the family atmosphere of the place right the way through.

pint-t-shirtsSo on his last day before heading off to uni in Manchester – we’ll just take a moment to salute one of the absolute stars of Dock life.  (In your best Maximus-from-Gladiator voice): The student who became a volunteer.  The volunteer who became an intern.  The intern who became a sales assistant.  The sales assistant who became a TQ legend.  We will have our tea & buns – in this life or the next!

3 thoughts on “Jorrrrdddannnnn!!!”

  1. Class! So me and you’re mum didn’t do to bad in bringing you up. LoL 😁

  2. I wish you every success in your future career Jordan. I still remember being mentored by you when I started. You are great with people Jordan and I hope you have a brilliant time at Uni.

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