The wonderful world of Dock Cafe

Lazy Summer days at Dock Cafe, gotta love’em!  Come rain or shine (usually rain for the last few days), the cafe has been packed with visitors, locals, tourists, neighbours, people from all over the world chilling out and meeting up in our little slice of paradise:

I love reading all the comments in the visitors book – whether from regulars (“our favourite spot for lunch”) or newcomers (“this place is amazing – I wish you were around where I live!”), their comments short-and-sweet (“lovely!”) or essay-length and effusive (“the concept is amazing, gobsmacking and stunning”!)

It’s so cool to look through all the different addresses and nationalities – and then to realise that they’ve all found a home-from home for a few hours (or as one person wrote, “nicer than home – almost”!)

And the community at Dock Cafe doesn’t just come from far afield – some of them live within a few metres!  Last week we hosted a barbecue for the ARC residents and had an absolute blast chilling out with the folks who live just upstairs (didn’t get many photos – too busy flipping burgers!):

And then there’s a whole other community of people who really, really belong to the Dock: our amazing team of volunteers.  They all got together to mark the start of the Rio Olympics with Samba drummers, Brazilian food (yum), fancy dress (all AMAZING but especially loved the three Carl Framptons and Stevo’s 118 impression), the chance to get your photo taken with Usain Bolt,  and a brilliant night of laughter, friendship and questionable fashion choices:

The sign above the door of the Cafe says “Life in the Titanic Quarter”… truer, more colourful and more beautiful day by day!