A face for radio

I was at the Beeb today!  The Dock has the great honour of hosting this Sunday’s Radio Ulster morning service – and since a Dock Walk might’ve been a bit difficult to capture on radio, Bert (the producer) kindly allowed me to record the service in the studio – just me, a reader for the Bible passages (she was really good) and a pile of CDs!

I have to say it was all quite good fun, setting up in a little studio with microphone and headphones, getting my 10-second warning and waiting for the green light to cue me in.  Since it was a pre-recording, there was the option to start a sentence again if I fluffed a line or said something stupid – which would be a nice feature to have in real life…  I used the option twice, rats!  I was hoping to be a one-take wonder!

I managed to squeeze in some music from John Yoder, an extremely talented friend who was an intern worship-leader back in my Holywood days; I always thought his music was worthy of a wider audience!  There’s also a few tracks from the brilliant local band Rend Collective Experiment, and a couple of snatches of movie soundtrack to set the scene (Bert disowned any responsibility for grannies who may have a heart attack when the first piece crashes in!)

And did I manage to shoehorn in any references to the Titanic Quarter or a plug for The Dock, you ask?  Well what do you think?!

It’s due to be broadcast this Sunday (12th Dec) on BBC Radio Ulster at 10:15am.