An update and a new episode…

So most important things first (after all she does currently constitute 50% of The Dock’s congregation….)  Susan was released from hospital on Monday afternoon and is now making slow but sure recovery from the comforts of home. Many thanks to all of you who texted, emailed and most of all prayed your support – it is hugely appreciated.

And now, very belatedly, it’s time to show you all Episode II of The Dock Vision (that’s episode two, not episode eleven, in case you were wondering… just gives it a nice Star Wars-esque feeling to use Roman numerals don’t you think?)  If you can remember back into the mists of time, you last saw me on the floor of the Drawing Office, surrounded by the hundreds of words, concepts, images and hopes for The Dock to have emerged during the Coffeestorming process.  We then (in a process which involved drinking even more coffee) whittled those hundreds of words down to two: ‘shared’ and ‘medley’.

So here’s what ‘shared’ means to me:

The Dock Vision Episode 2: Shared from The DOCK Church on Vimeo.

(or you can watch the lower quality/mobile version:)