Good times

I am absolutely loving life in the TQ at the moment – there’s so much going on, and the exciting thing is that it’s all just a foretaste of what’s to come…

On Saturday, for example, the place was packed with tourists and visitors – as I’m sure it will be on a daily basis once the Signature Project opens for business and the Titanic Anniversary approaches.  On Saturday, the occasion was a Vintage Day with great displays of old cars, clothes, collectibles… if you missed it, here’s a short (1 min) vid to give you a flavour:

Then on Sunday, yet another fantastic Dock Walk.  I love the fact that you never know quite what (or who) you’re going to get with a Dock Walk – every week has drawn together a different, fascinating group of people.  I love the way we can weave the sights and sounds of our walk in to our prayers and discussions, so that the themes I’ve prepared always come alive and mean so much more once we get out into the great outdoors.  I love being able to watch the Titanic Quarter transform from week to week, as occasional visitors notice the incredible pace of change.

And I love the way we keep tripping over exciting events in the TQ – whether it’s a film crew preparing to shoot a movie at the Drawing Office, or a TV documentary crew unveiling the new sculpture of the replica of Titanic’s hull:

– or, last Sunday, arriving at the Pump House in perfect time to watch the gobsmackingly massive Crown Princess cruise ship hoist anchor and set sail down Belfast Lough:

It’s an exciting, creative, hope-filled place to serve an exciting, creative, hope-filled God.