It’s been a while..

So it has been a while since I blogged! No excuses I just haven’t done it! Meanwhile the Dock Walks, Meet the Neighbours and even a bbq have all continued and have been great times of engaging in conversation and having a good time! See the photos!

Each time we walk around the TQ something changes! Last week on the Dock Walk we stood at what we reckon was the very first ‘crossroads’ in TQ. Traffic lights have been installed outside the amazing new building for the Metropolitan College opening in September. New roads have appeared linking it all together!

It just looks ‘different’. Yet we all know it didn’t happen by chance, nor does planting a church or pioneering mission. They cannot achieve their full potential without some planning and preparation. It may seem that what goes on in the Dock is ‘ad hoc’ but I think the reality is that nothing could be further from the truth. Some of what I have been reading recently suggests;  that’s why time is spent looking for the places where people gather and asking not ‘what would Jesus do in this situation’ rather ‘where is Jesus in this situation and what would he have us do?’ As pioneers we listen for and reflect on the answer to that question! Hmmmm enough of being ‘deep’ on a Friday afternoon! Aren’t you glad I haven’t blogged for a while?!