It’s December!

Are you feeling Christmassy yet?  Vivid winter sunsets, Christmas markets at the City Hall, breath steaming in the air… isn’t it fabulous!

1st December is the day Christmas arrives at Dock Cafe…   If you call in any time today (we’re open 11-5), as well as scrummy mugs of coffee, hot chocolate and fruit punch, you can lend a hand at the bauble-hanging, tinsel-positioning, tree-decorating, snow-in-a-can-spraying, and general Christmassy shenanigans going on!

(Or you can take a seat in our new Christmas-coloured Very Comfy Chair and watch and laugh…)


It’s done and it looks amazing!  A real tree from a lovely wee fruit&veg shop in East Belfast, some comfy new chairs, and lots of tasteful lights and sparkly bits:

If you think Christmas is getting a bit too sparkly, you might be inspired by the example of this guy: