The DOCKumentary

Well it’s time to share some BIG news from Dock World with you all…

Yesterday Dock Cafe hosted a Press Launch for ‘Mission Titanic’, a new half-hour documentary which will be broadcast on UTV later this month.  It’s the culmination of months of filming, following, interviewing and editing by Patricia and her team from Tyrone Productions.

You might remember that they started being the Fly on the Dock Wall nearly a year ago, as we set off to view the Arctic Penguin as a possible boat for The Dock.  And now the changes, unexpected blessings, curveballs, disappointments and triumphs of the subsequent year have been beautifully shaped into half-an-hour of top-quality TV.

You’ll be hearing plenty more about it over the next week as the transmission date approaches.  But for now we have a confirmed date to put in your dairies and set on your Sky+ box NOW! – the Dockumentary will be broadcast on Sunday 30th September at 10:20pm (in the prime spot after Downton Abbey!)

I never cease to be amazed and humbled by the adventure that is Dock-World – and what a privilege to be able to share the adventure with Sunday-night TV watchers, as they tuck into their cups of cocoa and recover from the latest twists in the world of Downton… Exciting times!

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