The Ultimate Caption Competition

This time last year I was reluctantly, grumpily (men hate buying clothes) being cajoled into buying a smart new suit.  The reason for this unprecedented, unrepeated sartorial extravagance?  Because, a year ago tomorrow, I was going to be shaking hands with a rather special lady – and my ratty old suit just wouldn’t do…

Meeting HM the Q

You can see the suit and the lady in the picture  – but what you can’t see is what I’m saying, or what Her Maj said in response, or what the people with quizzical expressions were thinking.  So, open to you, World Wide Web – there’s a good picture for a Caption Competition if ever I saw one!

5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Caption Competition”

  1. Her Maj “It was a terrible shame about what happened to the Titanic was it not?”
    Chris “She was ok when she left here your maj,”

  2. “I heard one had a really important job?”
    “Yes mam”
    “One hears the Dock does great coffee!”
    “Come to my pad sometime for tea.”

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