The Marvellous Mis-Matching Meanwhile Cafe

It’s amazing to look around The Dock Cafe and realise that pretty much everything has been donated.  We opened up two years ago with just a few Ikea folding chairs and a kettle to our name – look how bare and basic it all looked when we opened the doors to Eamonn:

Since then, sofas, armchairs, tables, dining chairs, photographs, sculpture, paintings, books, desks, and hundreds of other little home-away-from-home touches have been donated by our regulars.  One of our neighbours in the apartments upstairs just donated the trendy glass table and chairs you can see arriving here:

And it made me take a fresh look at all the other quirky, unique pieces of furniture dotted around the rest of the cafe – every one of them carrying the story of whoever donated them and why:

That’s why none of the mugs match – every one is unique because every one of them has been rescued and liberated from the back of someone’s kitchen cupboard!

And that’s just one of the reasons we love the place – nothing corporate – just a living room furnished and fitted out by the people who use it, relax in it and love it.