New faces

Once a month, the Dock Chaplains get together for a bit of an oul’ natter, chatter and pray – and today we welcomed a new face to the team – say hello to Robin!
So far this year we’ve been more often saying Farewell than Hello (Finiaaannnn!!! and Karrennnn!!) – so it’s great to see things heading in the right direction again!

You can get to meet Robin yourself if you call in for a cuppa on Wednesday lunchtimes – and like all the Dock Chaplains, he’ll as happily chat about your deepest darkest questions about life, the universe and everything as pour your cup of coffee! ¬†And again, like all the Chaplains, he’ll very gladly pray for you or with you – just feel free to ask.

CTnGGGiWcAA8g89Also on the subject of new faces – we’re being joined this month by another neighbour at the ARC apartments – the signs went up today for the new Belfast Bakery Co outlet right beside the Mace and Green Deli. ¬†Fresh bakes in the Belfast Bakery Company, all life’s essentials in the Mace, gorgeous sandwiches and hot food in the Green Deli, fabulous hand-made crafts in Dock Market, and space to chill, eat your fill and be still in Dock Cafe… what more could you want!

CTiMCFcW4AAFo37(And – it looks like – a place to pick up or return a Belfast Bike as well, right between the Dock & SS Nomadic – exciting!)