Some Samson-Shaped Shipyard-Sourced Spiritual Succour…

…courtesy of BBC Radio Ulster’s  Sunday morning service – which I had the privilege of hosting this morning.

Listen in on iPlayer here

…and if you can’t cope with listening to something with no moving pictures for 45 whole minutes, I guess this is the crunch:

So – trust. God is in control. Even as you’re listening to the radio this morning, clench your fist to represent anything you’re clutching too tightly – desire for revenge, resentment, hatred, unforgiveness, a sense of being hard-done-by – and now slowly unclench your fist, open out your hand and spread out your fingers. These things are yours, Lord. I can’t hold on to them any more – they’re killing me. I don’t want to make Samson’s mistake and try to solve them myself. I trust you. I trust in your wrath as well as your love. I trust that with you there is justice as well as mercy. I trust that i can leave all the situations that are out of my control in your hands.

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  1. How wonderful to click on to your web site today and realize we could listen to your Radio Ulster Sunday message here in Canada Ivan, David and I listened to it I felt so close to my Irish family, Chris you are amazing in your vision of Christianity I am so proud to be your Auntie P. X

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