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Sunday Nights at The Dock – 6pm – Sunday 3rd May – it’s fantastic to welcome Judith Hill to our Sunday evening get-together

jh20131123mIt’s her off of the telly!  Judith’s day job at UTV  is to report on all sorts of news stories, whether good, bad or indifferent… Let’s face it, the stuff that reaches the TV news is usually the bad news (or, at this precise moment, “A lady is having a baby. She has not had the baby yet.  The baby is coming soon.  When will the baby come?  She will have the baby any minute now.  Oh! She has now had the baby.”) – which is what gave Jude the dsc_0921passion to seek out and share some inspiring, positive and hopeful stories coming out of Belfast.

That passion became Tell It In Colour, which became a website, which became a movement, which became an ethos – groups of people committed to keeping their eyes open for the good news stories, and then re-telling and sharing those stories when they find them.

SN-a1So Jude is sharing her story with us at Sunday Nights at The Dock, this Sunday (3rd May) at 6pm at Dock Cafe.  As always there will be coffee, conversation, worship, welcome, space to be still and space to be inspired.  And a fresh reminder that there are stories about Belfast full of colour, and life, and hope – and we need to get better at telling them!

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  1. I love this idea. Is there a way for you to pod cast it. I live in the states near Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore has been a state of unrest as of late and as a city we are trying to heal. I’ve resolved to try and find something good in all the tragic happenings, but I think this idea of sharing good stories is wonderful especially in a space that offers quiet reflections. I would love to hear/see from video how your session works and then introduce it to our community here in Baltimore. Thanks for being there in the Dock. I hope to someday get back to Belfast and meet up with you again.

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