Lynne to win!

10334311_989130897825188_2461172117754783580_nWell done to the amazing Lynne from Dock Market, who has been nominated as (and will WIN, if there is any justice at all in this cold cruel world) Young Business Person at the 2016 Belfast Business Awards for her incredible work behind the scenes at Dock Market.

13221468_1042760542462223_2142214884801871159_nLet me tell you about the kind of quality people we have here at The Dock.  We first met Lynne as a market trader two years ago, running her ‘Dolly Dolally’ stall of handmade crafts at some of the very first Dock Markets around the 2014 Giro Big Start.

12804645_989161447822133_469687315683313857_nAs the market grew and flourished and expanded, Lynne became one of the leading lights; she talked her dad into building our market carts; she co-ordinated the different market traders and squeezed as many of them as possible into the market space each Saturday; she inspired and assisted and encouraged those who were selling their wares for the first time.  More often than not, Dolly Dolally didn’t trade so she could concentrate time and energy on supporting the other stallholders!

12809591_997071867031091_6356381179037105196_nShe was a big part of creating the Dock Market ethos: “If you make it, you can sell it”.  At the same time she set a clear line of quality and professionalism and inspired all the other traders to match up to it: I’ll quote one of the congratulations messages on Facebook as a perfect example of the way she insists on bringing the very best out of each market trader who applies for a stall at Dock Market:

For myself I’ll always be eternally grateful that you insisted on an internet presence before I could trade at The DOCK Market, you forced me into the 21st Century and I’ve never looked back. Thank you.

10371454_997131213691823_882969566317639780_nIt was her brainwave to make Dock Market a dog-friendly market and to be part of the utterly brilliant social media campaign to start spreading awareness of the market through online groups (like those who are looking for somewhere that will welcome their four-legged friends when they’re out on a shopping spree!)

12742644_979757795429165_1769452757877880520_nShe’s now part of a market that counts 80+ traders on its books from 14 different countries, that has inspired countless start-up businesses and has provided a springboard for those who have graduated to trade at bigger and grander (but NEVER nicer) markets, that attracts a loyal core of traders who wouldn’t miss the craic, and has a clear and distinctive and captivating ethos where community is more important than competition and every trader feels like they’ve been adopted into the nicest family ever.

We’re so proud of Dock Market and the people who make it happen.  Lynne to win!  Lynne to win!

(PS – the next Market Days are 28th-30th May from11-6pm – the Market is trading every day during the Titanic Maritime Festival – here are just a few samples of the treats on offer!)

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