What is The Dock? – the best answers EVER!

“Are you real?”  Of all the answers and responses I’ve ever experienced when explaining the Dock concept for the first time, that one today was a beauty!  How do you answer that?!

It made me think of all the times when someone has managed to describe the essence of The Dock – often better than I ever could! – when they’re still in the shock of the new.  So here are a few of my favourites:

There’s Richard’s great way of phrasing it: “You take what you want, you give what you want”.

There’s this fantastic Henri Nouwen quote which popped up in the Dock Visitors Book:

Sometimes a line of poetry or a song lyric sums up the whole thing perfectly:

Or another visitor’s comment that made me smile – is Dock Cafe THAT good?!

You can find lots of great quotes when you look up Dock Cafe on Google Maps – as well as this really cool virtual tour of the cafe there’s loads of great one-liner reviews:

And of course there’s the daddy of all review sites: Trip Advisor.  It’s always inspirational, frequently illuminating, and occasionally embarrassing to see what visitors from all over the globe have experienced in their visit to Dock Cafe!  Here are a few choice snippets:

“Never been to a restaurant like this before”

“Dropped in for coffee and my woes dispersed”

“Relaxed home away from home”

And then this one – I think this is my all-time favourite:

There’s The Dock, summed up and condensed into one sentence in a way that puts all my ramblings to shame!

“A sense of what the world should be like: people enjoying and trusting other people”.

That’s the quote for above the door!