Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the radio…

OK, I know by this stage you must be fed up looking at me, and that any further media exposure after my TV blitz a few weeks ago (when I helpfully shouted RRAAAARRGGGGGHHHHHH!!! to a watching world for 62 seconds) seems like small fry in comparison, but The Dock Is Out There again today. First up, if you clickety click onto the BBC news site, I am apparently the fifth-most exciting thing happening in Northern Ireland today! (direct links here and here)

Then if you tune in to BBC Radio from 5pm this evening and listen to Evening Extra, apparently I’ll be in there somewhere too!  Just had a great time being interviewed at the Common Grounds cafe (which was one of the Case Studies in the Dock Business Plan), along with Nigel from Common Grounds (who was able to talk about about how much fun it is when a church runs a community cafe), Mark from East Belfast Mission (who was able to talk about how much fun it is when Anglicans and Methodists work together, and when TQ connects with East Belfast and the Newtownards Road) and me (who was able to gabble on as usual).   (pic shows Alexandra off of the BBC, me, Nigel and Mark)

You can listen to the interview on iPlayer (for the next week anyway) about 49 minutes into Evening Extra here.