Radio days

So the week of early-morning-praying is done!  (not by me personally you understand – but by my disembodied voice floating from the radio of all those intellectual souls tuned in to Radio 4 at the crack of dawn.)

They’ll be on iPlayer for a few more days (I think they stay online for a week after broadcast), so if anyone wants to catch up with them the links are below.  They all had to be precisely one minute and fifty seconds long (a real challenge for me – as those of you unlucky enough to have heard me preach will know, it usually takes that long for me to say Hiya! at the start), and to move seamlessly and without ceremony from chatting about life, the universe and everything into praying a short prayer for the day.

You’ll be shocked to learn there was a Titanic theme throughout!
On Saturday, the topic was the transformation of the Titanic Quarter itself
On Monday, I told the story of my “lightbulb moment” about the role of a Chaplain
On Tuesday, we looked at the incredible, dangerous rivet-by-rivet building of Titanic
On Wednesday, we remembered (again) that 62-second Titanic slide down the slipways
On Thursday, we talked about the huge, bold vision of those who conceived of Titanic in the first place
And on Friday we returned to one of my favourite themes and stories – Goliath (in crane and human form) and the challenge to look up to God rather than down at our problems.

And then just to round off each prayer, if you listen on to the end of each iPlayer segment you’ll see that Prayer For The Day is always followed by a farming bulletin, which every day this week was headlined by exciting (OK, rather disturbing) news about a badger cull across the UK.  So, be blessed and encouraged as this prayer leads you throughout the day – now let’s get some badgers!