Suncream and storms

Another first on the Dock Walk this week – the first time we had to have a stop-off at the beginning for everyone to apply suncream! It was scorching out in the TQ today, the sun glinting on the sea as we listened to Bible readings and worship songs under the warm sun.

It has been a terrible, sad weekend on the world stage.  The tragic events in Norway have shown the awful human cost of extremism and fundamentalism, while the death of the massively talented Amy Winehouse has shown the human cost of reckless hedonism.  Our Wordlive reading this week told the story of Jesus’ disciples encountering a fierce storm as they travelled across the lake; their reactions reflected that helpless sense of events slipping out of control – of human beings powerless to stop the storms of a dangerous world.

Out in the sun-blasted TQ, we reflected on the storms we all face – individual, national, international…  It is a dangerous and sometimes dark world.  But we face the same choice as the disciples: do we keep trying to cope, with our own skills, strength and resources – or do we turn to the storm-stiller who is with us in the boat…?