Caption Competition

It’s VERY busy in the Titanic Quarter today – VERY.  (we ran out of Stan’s yummy scones by 1:30!)  It’s almost as if something big is about to happen…. hmmmm… maybe I’ll be able to tell you more tomorrow!

In the meantime, just to prove (in case it’s relevant) that I can indeed show proper decorum at swanky high-class events (this was taken at the Diocesan Synod), this photo appeared on the Down and Dromore website this week and seemed to demand a Caption Competition…

(Why was I holding a flowerpot??  Why??)

6 thoughts on “Caption Competition”

  1. And this is only the first part of our initiation for new p/t bishops\’ curates. Tomorrow, seventy ways to use the plant as a sermon illustration…\’.

  2. We are going to smoke some of this after the boring synod buisness if finished.

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