Do it for Eamonn…

Six days.  An empty shop unit.  A Meanwhile Lease.  A vision for a pop-up cafe, a warm, friendly, beautiful community hub for this epic year in Titanic Quarter.  And the deadline of a Songs Of Praise film crew, arriving to film some of their links and cutaway shots in a Dock Cafe that didn’t exist yet.

But our hearts did not fail or quaver: we knew who was waiting at the finish line..  He deserved our best efforts, our bravest attempt, our most courageous race to the end.  We would…

2 thoughts on “Do it for Eamonn…”

  1. About two and a half minutes in there’s a scene with groups of people scattered across the floor all trying to assembly white chairs. It’s a scene of the futility of modern life. All instructions, allen keys and confusion.

    Other than that, really impressed with how much work went into getting the cafe ready. Looking forward to seeing it in action soon.

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