Many Marvellous Moments from the Month of May

I’m a man of few words, as y’know…. so for today I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.  It’s been a busy, exciting, joyful month of Life in the Titanic Quarter – here are some of the highlights:

There was the day I joined some of the lads from TQ Ltd and the Mace to try TQ’s latest greatest water sport: wakeboarding at the end of Titanic Slipways.


Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 22.57.14(In the interests of responsible journalism, I should point out that any pictures of someone successfully wakeboarding must be one of the other guys, as I spent most of the time upside down in the Lagan.  I can report that it tastes clean, but salty.)

Speaking of responsible journalism, this blog has won a prize!  Click here for details of The Dock’s website and blog victories.

The pic shows Annette, our Diocesan Communications Officer, accepting our prize at General Synod.

photo5IMG_4120The Dock Pop-Up Market is proving to be a bit of a hit – we’ve had great stalls recently like Steph’s charm-ing jewellery (left) and on Saturday you’ve got another chance to bag a bargain at Anabel’s craft stall (right).

Loads more great stalls coming up over the next few weeks – like knits (created by Sip/Sit/Knit, our very own Friday-morning knitting group) and home-made Belgian waffles!

If you’ve got something worth selling, make sure you grab an application form in The Dock – it might be the start of something great!  (As long as your product is better than the “multifunctional” grey box on wheels in The Apprentice last week.)

My two worlds collided this week when St Clements – the friendly Belfast parish who keep me out of mischief when I’m not at The Dock – called in for a visit and a tour of the TQ:


And it was great to see some familiar faces from Holywood (where I worked before my life changed forever when The Dock began in late 2009).  If, like St Clem or the Holywood gang, you’d like to book a group in for a cuppa in the cafe, a tour of the area and an update on the story of the Dock, just get in touch!


Speaking of Holywood, Andy (who was one of the brilliant youth leaders in the church when I was there) got married a few weeks ago; as well as being very honoured to perform the ceremony, I also had a blast at the reception – which happened to be in a wee gaff just up the road called Titanic Belfast.  What a spectacular place for a wedding reception!  (And has anybody ever been to a function upstairs without coming home with at least one Grand Staircase photo?)


One of the great joys of Dock life – introducing people to each other – making connections across our ever-expanding community.  Just one of the hundreds of chance encounters that happen every day: the new Nomadic visitor crew (nearly there now… nearly there now…) meeting the Titanic Foundation team in The Dock:


And a gorgeous moment from today: a group using the Prayer garden for a little gathering with visitors from Portugal.  Songs and prayers in both Portuguese and English echoing across the cafe as we were closing up for the day:


And finally, a few more snapshots of Dock life.  A hen party (a sensible, non-scary one) in The Dock… deckchairs on a sunny day… chess tournaments stretching out all afternoon… Segway tours whirring past…


This is the life, eh!

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