How to spend a perfect rainy Saturday afternoon

The rain falls relentlessly on Belfast.  The city looks grey, washed-out.  Damp shoppers run from one refuge to the next, soggy and uncomfortable.

But somewhere in the city there is a little oasis of warmth and light and laughter.  Somewhere with great scones and squashy sofas.  Somewhere you can watch the rain beat against the huge picture windows and wonder why on Earth anyone would be out there on a day like this.

Somewhere that you can get lost in a board game


Or join the knitters and knatterers


Or settle in for the day and get your teeth into the epic challenge of a mammoth jigsaw


Somewhere there’s always something interesting in the pop-up market


And where the Chaplain just might be crazy enough to do the Pilgrimage Walk at Titanic Belfast if anybody turned up from one of the more waterproof nationalities (go Belgians and Scots!!)


Somewhere that’s always getting better, looking for ways to expand and improve (the Dock DIY team spent the day sweeping and painting the floor ready for Dock Cafe to expand – it’s getting BIIGGGGGERRRR….!)


Somewhere that allows to you to eat your piece in peace (today our new sign went up in the TQ Mace, so that anyone buying a fresh deli sandwich or hot food in the shop knows that seats, tables, plates, knives and forks await them right next door)



Wouldn’t a place like that be a great spot to while away a rainy day?  Wouldn’t it in fact be a little slice of heaven on Earth?