The Dock as others see it: Kooky Miss Match

A treat for you this week: a few descriptions of The Dock as seen through the eyes of some of our visitors and volunteers.

This fantastic review by blogger Kooky Miss Match appeared on her site over the weekend.  I’ll reproduce it here in full – and I hope that Tegan, Timmy & all the Dock volunteers feel really encouraged – what other cafe (or church?!) gets a review like this!

20130513_153054The Dock: A living room to the world
Posted on May 18 2013

“Trendy titbits and indie aura, The Dock in Titanic Quarter is the new cool hangout spot in Belfast. Close enough to escape the buzz of Belfast City Centre, just a brisk walk across the Lagan bridge opens up a calm picturesque surrounding which hosts the homely café. Not that you would need anything to adoringly look at other than the quirky interior of the vintage feel tea room.

20130513_153021I was intrigued approaching The Dock as I had heard so much about it, mistakenly thinking it was a boat (I do not know how or why…moving swiftly on!). The enthusiastic friendly staff informed me and my two class mates that due to the MACE opening next door they were no longer able to serve food, but welcomed us to come back for a cosy cuppa with our food. There was an option of exotic teas and varied coffees but due to the sudden pour down of torrential rain and cold weather (typical) Kelly and I opted for a hot chocolate while Aimee went for Chai tea. Not only did the staff enlighten customers with interesting chatty conversation but also gave hints and tips of the tastes and what milk complements the unfamiliar teas, which for an unadventurous tea drinker is very much appreciated!

The Dock is unique: a pop-up space for community, conversation and Life in the Titanic Quarter. Furnished in a fusion of old and new, we call it Victorian-Edwardian-Industrial-Pop-Up-Chic.

20130513_153049The miss matching cups gave the feel of the family kitchen cupboard, likewise the comfy furniture is no different to what you would find in a regular living room. However it all works, collectively stylishly giving passers by a chance of ultimate relaxation and escape from the busy goings on of the world; and be at home, when they can’t go home.

The Dock humbly does not charge for it’s product, there is an honesty box situated away from the view of the front desk asking to kindly give a donation. The Dock is church run by a team from various church backgrounds justifying the beauty of it all, acceptance. There is opportunity for comers and goers to add their own mark to the wholesome hangout. 20130513_153124There is a visitors book to share your experience and a majestic prayer garden where people have left notes with quotes, letters and general gratitude to the infectious generosity and kindness of the café. The Dock doesn’t have a typical crowd, culture or belief. It has a worldly universal feel, attracting people from all walks of life, in fact walking around and reading the notes and letters I felt like I had gained a new perspective on Belfast from people travelling from USA, Thailand, Portugal and many more. Despite the fact that people have visited from far and wide, the mutual feeling is a relaxed piece of mind. When you leave The Dock you will not only have the pleasure of a hot cuppa, but a new favourite place and a glow of positivity…visit, experience it, love it, recommend it!

I know this is a fashion blog but there is no doubt inspiration sparks at any time and this place is truly inspiring. The interior is homely and undeniably chic. Of course the uplifting feeling came from the friendly kindness of The Dock but being fashion students it was obvious the topic came into conversation and we couldn’t help but think how stunning a photo shoot would be in this whimsical setting. All I can say is watch this space, in next to no time everyone will be besotted with the delightful dock café.”