This little Docky went to market

ByiKoiWCQAAFrrJ.jpg-largeMade your plans yet for a nice chilled-out Saturday tomorrow?  Well forget everything else in your diary, here’s what you’re going to do: head down to the Titanic Quarter between 11 and 4 and check out the amazingness that’s happening at Dock Market these days.

Bxan62vCQAAdQjX.jpg-largeLast time I visited the market, intending maybe to get a bite of lunch and have a wee potter around, I left with my arms full of purchases (and my pockets empty of money, but I didn’t care!) – the quality, uniqueness, craftsmanship and sheer brilliance of what’s on offer at Dock Market these days is really quite breathtaking.

BxanIGdIQAEXkDE.jpg-largeAs well as a mouthwateringly fantastic lunch (steak sandwich with béarnaise sauce…mmmmm….) I went home with some delicious homemade spicy American relish (which has graced every single panini and sandwich I’ve made ever since), some Oreo cookie ByiwfeXCYAE5Y8L.jpg-largecupcakes (which might just be the best invention ever ever), a bag of hand-blended gourmet tea (Mint Humbug – isn’t that the best flavour of tea?) and even some jewellery…

(Before you start to worry, the jewellery was for Susan and she loved it) It’s great to get chatting to all these ByithR0IAAAB5ij.jpg-largecreative types as well – Laura goes beachcombing in Donaghadee after every high tide, looking for interesting bits and pieces to become the raw materials for her jewellery stall. How much better than some bland mass-produced gift…

And of course I’d rather support Dock Market traders any day, every one of them a handmade homemade local enterprise, than buy something identikit from a global brand or a massive retailer.

BzHYuOXIcAAze3F.jpg-largeI’m just so proud of what the Dock Market team have achieved.  Just like Dock Cafe, they started with little more than an empty space – but the application of some creativity, generosity (we’re getting some AMAZING donations of furniture – check out this amazing industrial-chic sofa!) and a lot of extremely hard work has resulted in Belfast’s best bet for a lovely laid-back Saturday.

It’s another case of the Titanic Quarter showcasing Belfast creativity at its best.  Where once we built ships – today we create art – and cook steak sandwiches – and design fashion – and upcycle seashells – and invent new cupcakes – and make bendy paintings – and create gourmet waffles – and – and – and…

Click the link here to check out some lovely bigwoodenbox pictures of Dock Market in action- much better than my cameraphone efforts!

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  1. Hi Had lunch today with you and enjoyed every minute. The soup was lovely. The coffee was great. The surroundings were amazing. will be back and will also be telling my friends. Oh and the staff were very friendly and helpful.
    Pauline Mcauley

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