A bit of sunshine

As the gale-force winds lash the streets of Belfast today, it feels like a good time to post a blog of some good news.

A cosy day of families sheltering from the rain in Dock Cafe today – and not just relaxing either, construction work of an impressive scale was underway in the toy corner:

2014-02-01 13.05.06

And on a (slightly) bigger scale, how exciting to be part of a place of big dreams where construction work is flourishing, as this great news about the expansion of the TQ movie studios demonstrates:

Lots of games and laughter in the cafe today, even as the rain streamed down the windows.  These families settled in for a mammoth Monopoly tournament:

2014-02-01 15.58.37

And games and laughter and joy are still blossoming all across the city – as this brilliant video celebrating Belfast’s ‘happiest city’ award shows:

Belfast’s St Georges Market has just won a prestigious indoor market award – best in the UK.  The Belfast Giants are on an incredible winning streak.  The Four Corners Festival has provided a rich menu of incredibly powerful peace-building events over the past few weeks.

It’s easy to focus on the negative until we think that the rain and wind and storm is all there is.  We need to take time to sit in the sun sometimes as well – it can always be found in Belfast…