My, how you’ve grown, birthday boy!

11745590_876580739080205_1991656218053621488_nWe’ve had a birthday in our midst in Dock-World over the last week – hard to believe, but Dock Market is one year old!

The Dockies celebrated in true quirky Dock Market style at the market last Saturday, as you can see – always dangerous to give a bunch of boundlessly creative people an excuse for a birthday party!

Dock Market is something really special.  For a start, the quality of the goods & foods on offer never fails to blow me away.  These are people who opened up a little market stall because they are phenomenally, world-beatingly good at something – whether it’s painting, baking, tie-dying, jewellery-making, candle-creating or any of the hundreds of other gifts on display at the Dock Market stalls.

It may have come from small beginnings, but the Dock Market stallholders can be really proud of themselves – it’s impossible to leave the market without being tempted beyond the limit of human endurance!

10984139_866395436765402_8961852480408832981_nAnd then there’s the atmosphere of the place as well – which never fails to be noticed by the customers too.  The Dock Market gang have become a family – the welcome is warm, the craic is mighty, and the very spirit of the place reverberates with the love and laughter and life that characterise The Dock.  It’s an awesome place to while away a Saturday afternoon.


Well done gang – and with all my heart – Happy Birthday!

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