The Fabulous Far-Flung Folks at Dock Cafe

Seems a strange thing to say with the sun splitting the sky – but Summer is drawing to a close… Today most of our visitors in Dock fullsizerender-24Cafe were locals and regulars – so I thought it would be good to update you on our “customer geomapping project” (i.e. playing with push-pins) during the Summer

The big map beside the counter went up just over a month ago – along with more push-pins than we ever thought we could use.  Wrong!  There’s now a grand total of 5 push-pins left (so be quick if your home isn’t marked yet and you want to claim one of the last few!)

So, over the last couple of weeks, we have welcomed visitors from:

(in other words, pretty much everywhere)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, prize for the greatest concentration of pins goes to UK and Western Europe – followed by the United States:

Prize for the furthest-flung visitor I think goes to our guest from Stewart Island in New Zealand:

I’m pretty sure we’ve had visitors from every continent on the planet:

And the “Are you sure, or are you just mucking around” prize is jointly shared between the push-pin in Outer Siberia, and the one in Ostrov Ushakova (what do you mean you’ve never heard of it?  Top of the map, find Franz Josef Land and turn right)

If it does actually turn out that we’ve had visitors from such exotic climes, how awesome would that be!