Pick Of The Year 2017

So, just a few hours left of ’17… if you were to select a Pick Of The Year, what would it be?  Was there a particular day, a moment or a memory from this past year which you reckon you’ll recall for decades to come?

Here in Dock Cafe, the answer is easy: there was a day involving a little A5 sketchbook, a viral media campaign, a wild hopeful shot in the dark and an unforgettable conclusion which we’ll never, EVER forget!  You can read the full story here

As a little extra unexpected Christmas present, the story of the Dock, the cafe, the burglary and the sketchbook was picked out by BBC Radio as one of their highlights of 2017 on their Christmas Day Pick Of The Year programme – so it’s great to know that (as well as all the bad news in 2017, of which there was ample supply), our little good news story is going down in history!

And so a fresh start tomorrow – what adventures lie ahead in 2018?  As always we’ll be starting the year at The Dock with a New Year’s Day Dock Walk – meeting at Dock Cafe at 3:33 to take a dander, watch the sunset, and have a chat and pray about the year that lies ahead.

If you still have a few mince pies to walk off, it would be great to see you there – just remember to wear your thermals – mere words can’t express how cold it gets there out in the wilds of the TQ!

Here’s a few snapshots from last year to entice you to wrap up warm and join us: