You Cannot Escape! – part deux

So the Dock has been popping up on TV screens all across the land over the last few weeks – so, as promised/threatened, here are a few examples…

Some diligent iPlayer searching has revealed that a lot of those appearances are now lost to the mists of time; alas and alack, many encounters between myself and Mark Simpson off of the BBC have now disappeared from the web, while the TV coverage of the service at the Drawing Offices has now also passed its sell-by date.  And to my great relief, my attempt to get myself out of a tricky sentence by describing the curves of the Titanica sculpture using only hand-gestures, has also gone (I was worried it would make its way onto YouTube compete with AWOOGA! sound effects…)

But the Dock is still out there… on the RTE player I found this clip of me being interviewed by the terrifyingly-professional 12-year-old Gabrielle:

…while the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – we’re international baby!) sent me a link to their piece on Titanic Belfast, which includes the Grand Opening of Dock Cafe:

(I’ll forgive them for clearly cutting me off mid-sentence – I probably blathered on for ages…)

It’s not just TV that suffered the blitzkrieg either – I was on Radio Ulster a couple of times, including Thought for the Day on Sunday 15th (now disappeared from iPlayer, but the script made its way on to the blog here).  And two separate programmes featured the Dock Walk – first of all Great British Faith on Radio 2 (which was a fantastic hour-long exploration of the faith life of the city – I’ll try to track down a way of putting it on the web if possible) and then a feature on Radio 4, in which reporter Mark McCleary followed our windswept and rain-lashed Dock Walk on Easter Day – it’s still on iPlayer, 15:32 into the programme here.

But of course the gold standard, the big cheese, the numero uno of all possible TV appearances… repeated last Sunday on BBC2 to mark the anniversary, it’s (dah-dee-de-dah, dah-dee-de-daaaah) the one and only Songs of Praise…